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Benjamin Keene is down on his luck. With the news that his adopted father is passing away and his inability to find love, Benjamin feels like his world is crashing down on him, when he snaps both mentally and physically. Putting his thumb and middle finger together, he doesn’t realize that in an instant he’s done something completely new. Pegged as the “Inventor of the Snap”, Benjamin, and a girl at the coffee shop window named Audrey Cadigan, spread the word. With the Snap’s increasing popularity, and public backlash, Ben has to deal with the consequences of his strange invention, and see if he can make the best out of his harsh reality. If you could change your world with a snap, would you?

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Director’s Statement

Snaps: The Musical was a year long process. It’s nothing short of stressful and exciting to see this come to life as a student filmmaker. I decided to make Snaps when I moved from California to Olympia to continue my education at TESC. I was inspired by the area and the people, and had this idea festering in the back of my mind for a year prior. It seemed like the right place and time to make it happen. When I moved here, I had very little help to get the project started. Now a year later, over 50 people have contributed and helped with this student film. I’m very proud we made it happen.

The artistic community in Olympia made me contemplate about the heights and boundaries of artistic expression. I wanted to make a film about changing times, with characters that don’t like change, yet they have to adapt. It’s about an artistic and cultural movement that inspires people to step outside what is normal in their world. It’s about eventual freedom and people that get trapped in their situations. Lastly, I feel it’s about dealing with grief in a positive way.


Keith Anderson – Benjamin Keene

Sarah Robertson – Audrey Cadigan

Jeff Hirschberg Rupert Cadigan

Jonah Barrett – Chip Boy

Darien Springer – Lenny

Gabriel Stranahan – Kyle -The Roommate

Zack Alexander – Slam Poet Narrator

Micah Winetsky Dennis The Mailman

Maia Shmueli – Jenny “The Online Date”

Rachel Carlson – Chip Girl

Michael Young – Homeless Man

Jackson Rosenfeld – Bitter Barista

Anthony Tupasi – Darren Winters – Oly Channel 9

Gordon B. Scott – Ben’s Dad

Music, Arrangements, Production and Lyrics by Jackson Rosenfeld


Micah Winetsky – Director of Photography

Marena Teixeira – PA

Amberlyn – PA

Darien – PA

Ben Beckel – Grip

Jason Murley – Grip

Mexican Mama Catering – Crafty

Brittany Cartwright – Crafty Assistant

Assistant Director

Brandon Cartwright

2nd AD

Jeff Stillwell

California AD

Callie Haun


Samantha Eagle-Elk

Costume Design

Rachel Carlson

Drone Footage

Jacob Edmonson – Cobalt Productions

Sound/Boom Operator 

Jason Murley

Audio Engineers 

Keith Anderson

Samantha Jones

Mic Xavior Dubmeister

Additional Lyrics

Sarah Gieger

Post Audio-Music Mixing and Mastering

Jared Newman


– Roomates-

Jason Murley

Brian O’Connor

– Coffee Shop Extras –

Lawrence Walker

Elizabeth “Betsea” Antonio

Jay Jones

– B-Ball Players –

Brandon A. Cartwright

Matthew Kinread

Jason Murley

Jackson Rosenfeld

– Dancers –

Andrew White

Xia Russell-Andrade

Harrison Goldsmith

Javiera Sobarzo

Ryan North

– Oly Channel 9 News –

Jocelyn McManhon

Bella Gadsby

Stefan Perez

Tim Markham

Miranda Limonczenko

Sarah Kauffman

Will Foremaker

– Clap Conference –

Karl Herzog

Roxane Waldron

Martin O. Waldron

Stephen Kelso

Jamie Jensen

Jeffrey Stillwell


Marita Michalis

Martin O. Waldron

Jesse Moore-Hendrickson

– Poetry Slam –

Amber Sayman

Jackson Rosenfeld

Sara Geiger

Robin Heil

Liam Spring

Kevin Fenski

Trevor Greetham

– Snap App HQ –

Brandon Clute

Mariah Jade Smith

Jesse Moore-Hendrickson

Mandy Baker

Ben Beckel

Special Thanks To:

Carole Coates

Mario Bosanac

Adam LeGrand Hobbs

Very Special Thanks To:

Cafe Vita

The SwanTown Inn

Mexican Mama Catering

& Kabby Mitchell