He’s funkier than Super Fly, hotter than coffee, and slicker than Shaft.

Dow Jones is making a change to the stock exchange game. Watch the big man on campus round up crooked robbers and set them straight in this blaxploitation short film. It’s one half fake movie trailer and the other half awesome. Watch this Santa Rosa favorite in its ten minutes of raw glory.


SRJC Film Festival

Film Fest Petaluma

Aqus Film Festival


Dow Jones – Damion Square

Rich Whitey – Will Foremaker

Narrator – Ryan Phillips

Eyepatch Henchman – Stefan Perez

Dr. Smiles – Florian Tinchert

BIA Chief – Charles Hilliard

Pusher – Parker Slater

BIA Agent Andre – Yonas Hadish

Body Guard – Jackson Rosenfeld


Co-directors – Ryan Phillips & Jackson Rosenfeld

Writer – Stefan Perez

Co-producer – Florian Tinschert

1st Assistant Camera – Gunther Kirsch

Music – Jackson Rosenfeld